Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maddie is One! | Los Angeles Children Photographer

This family is the sweetest. They came all the way from Orange County to Santa Clarita on a weekday, in the morning! Can you imagine the morning traffic on weekdays?!  They came fully prepared; they brought a basket with lots of balloons and some other cute props for the photo shoot.

The plan was to photograph Maddie's portraits. They will display some of the pictures on Maddie's birthday party a month later. We did also a quick family session since we still have enough time. Everything turned out beautiful. We managed to get some great shots. Even Maddie was so sweet during the session.

One of my favorite images is when Maddie was inside the basket and floating on air. If you see her expression, she looks so happy :))

Without further ado, here's the Marshall Family...

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